Friday, June 11, 2010

Sea Song for Jack and Hawaii

Our Sea Song of the Week is Jack Johnson's version of a Pirate Looks at 40, performed live with some friends a couple of years ago.

A repeat from last week?
Today is Kamehameha Day in Hawaii, so after we snubbed the Hawaiin-born Jack Johnson last week in favor of Jimmy Buffett's original version of a Pirate Looks at 40, we thought we'd share Jack's version this week. While this is a great performance by all, somebody's got to tell Dave that "weed" doesn't rhyme with "last".

If you liked this, you'll love Jack Johnson's new album, "To The Sea". Hopefully we'll feature a couple of tunes off it soon, but in the interim you can check it at his official site.

If you thought we should do Calypso by John Denver in honor of the 100th birth day of Jacques Cousteau, you're not alone, but that was our Sea Song of the Week a few months ago.

Enjoy your weekend on the water!


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