Friday, June 18, 2010

Sea Song for our Fathers

We love discovering new music when choosing our Sea Song each Friday. Sure, we play a lot of Jimmy Buffett, but sometimes we try to find a nautical song that is relevant to current events, history, an artist's birthday, or a nearby holiday. Sometimes we dig deep, and we hope you enjoy our selections as much as we do.

This week we wanted to find a nautical tune that had something to do with Father's Day. After a quick search we found a song called O, Great Father Ocean by Irish musician Peter Delaney. Here's a video of a performance of the song in front of an intimate audience. If you like it, scroll down for more info about the artist.

If you like this song as much as we did, you're in luck... sort of. Peter Delaney just released a new album a couple of weeks ago, "Live in Amsterdam", in an edition of 100 numbered copies. Each cover is individually drawn by hand by artist Matthew Shaw. To buy the album, if there are any left, visit Apollolaan Recordings.

You can also check out more of Peter Delaney's songs and read his lyrics on his MySpace page. And for our previous choices for Sea Song of the Week, visit our Daily Boater channel on YouTube.

Here's hoping your Father's Day weekend includes some time on the water.



  1. Editor's Note: I just put my money where my mouth is and ponied up 6.5 GBP ($9.90 USD, includes shipping) for one of the last remaining 100 copies of this CD.

  2. Update: I'm truly amazed that I received this CD yesterday, less than one week after I ordered it, from all the way across the pond.

    Mine was marked 58 of 100, so it looks like there are a few copies left at