Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Begins, Boating Action Heats Up

With the first day of summer officially here, and the warm weather upon us, it's no surprise the action on the water over the weekend was busier than usual.

Crashes, Hits, Strikes
In the Great South Bay in Amityville off Long Island, NY, a 17-foot Boston Whaler crashed with an 18-foot Larson Bow Rider, capsizing the Whaler and spilling several passengers. Both captains were charged with boating while intoxicated.

Up north in Canada, nine people had to be rescued near Valdes Island (BC) after the 21 foot boat they were on apparently struck something in the water and sank.

A father’s day outing on Thomas Creek (Jacksonville, FL) turned tragic on Sunday when a boat carrying a family of three was struck by lightning.

Reports of Boaters Missing
There were several reports over the weekend of boaters gone missing after crashes, capsizes, or after a boater simply “went into the water”, reminding us it’s never a bad time to wear a life jacket while on a boat.

Louisiana: Boater missing in Lake Pontchartrain after boat crashes into landing.

New York: Boater missing in Chautauqua Lake after jumping from boat.

Maine: Boater missing in Big Lake after going into the water.

Nebraska: Boater missing in Wagon Train Lake after going into the water.

Manitoba: Boater missing in the Valley River after boat capsizes.


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