Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Boat vs Whale and Other Boating News

A Whale of a Tale
A couple in South Africa found out the hard way what happens when you boat too close to a whale. Looks like it could turn out okay if nobody is directly in the whale’s crash zone, and if you happen to be on a boat made of steel. Folks, this story could have been a lot uglier. Yes, this is real: BBC, CNN, MSNBC

Coolers are Cool
A story of five people, one 14 ft boat, one life jacket and a cooler scattered across the Chesapeake Bay for three hours. The lesson here is that if you must squeeze 5 people onto a boat that small, especially at night, everyone on board should be wearing life jackets – not just the kids, regardless of the law. Full story from the Baltimore Sun. Our tips on boating safety touch on that whole life jacket thing - check them out before you boat again.

The Bottle Boat
The Plastiki, constructed of 12,500 plastic bottles, is on its final approach to Sydney Harbour, expecting to arrive within a few days. This Q & A article probably gives one of the most accurate accounts of the crew’s adventure and noble mission, or you can follow David de Rothschild on Twitter for a first-hand account of the trip.

NC Boating Law
The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is reminding boaters about a new law that went into effect earlier this year requiring boat operators who are younger than 16 to have a certification card or proof of compliance and photo identification with them if they are driving a vessel with a motor of 10 horsepower or greater. Want more info about boating in North Carolina? Visit our local NC boating page.


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  1. Many of us doubted the authenticity of the whale tale from South Africa, but we found video!
    Check it out on our FaceBook page.