Friday, July 02, 2010

Sea Song for the 4th of July

To kick off the 2010 Fourth of July Weekend, we wanted to find a Sea Song of the Week that was about boats but that also could be interpreted as patriotic for some people.

We think we found it, but first a word of warning: Watching this video may make you want to travel back in time to Shea Stadium in 1971 to watch Grand Funk Railroad perform I'm Your Captain (Closer to Home). The opening of this video also reminds me of a classic TV show or two from the era as they roll out the band member's names on the screen. Looks for the flag shirt, the flag shoes and the Schaefer beer. Good times.

If you'd like to see a Sea Song from a different era, check our YouTube channel for a few of our recent selections. Hope you enjoy the long weekend, and are able to spend at least part of it on the water!


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