Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Vanishing Lake Trick

Lake Disappears, 100s of Boats Destroyed in Iowa

Do not try this at home. The raw video below shows just how powerful water can be and is a reminder to all of us boaters that any body of water should be respected. In Iowa this past weekend, a nine-mile-long lake disappeared in just a few hours after heavy rain led to flooding which then destroyed a dam that had held the man-made lake's water for more than 90 years.

Lake Delhi is no longer a lake, and as it drained it destroyed hundreds of boats – including the few seen in this video...

Despite the party-like comments heard in this video, this was a significant and destructive event. Luckily no serious injuries were reported, but Lake Delhi homeowners and boat owners are facing millions of dollars in damage, and as NPR points out, residents now own property that can no longer be called "lakefront."



  1. wow.. I missed this on the news. What a disaster, goad that everyone is okay.

  2. Yeah, I almost missed it too until I heard it on NPR last night.