Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Whale Collision, Boat Fire, Rescues

This whale was snapped by Sharon Kiley Mack,
Bangor Daily News, in the same area last year
The busiest boating times are also the busiest times for rescue crews, and this particular August weekend was no exception.

Boat vs. Whale (again)
Five people ended up in the water Saturday night near Head Harbour Passage, Maine, when their boat collided with a whale, shot straight up in the air, and sank. We found this local blog to have the best account of the accident, which occurred near the Canadian border. No one was injured as private boats quickly scooped up the passengers of the capsized boat.

Boat Goes Boom
It was just another day on Lake Erie on Sunday until a boat exploded at the Turtle Point Marina in Ottawa County, moments after filling up with fuel. Full story from

Rescued from the Mud
Two boaters were sitting on a navigation marker for several hours before being rescued Sunday morning after a late night outing at The Jacksonville Landing in Florida. The 17 foot Sea Ray they were in crashed into something around 2:30 in the morning, and the couple made their way to the buoy… by foot. The news articles about this incident point out that the couple’s SOS signals went unanswered until morning, but is it possible that passing boaters did not take the calls for help seriously because they were coming from land? Just sayin'.

Boaters vs. Prop
Lake Waubesa, Wisconsin, saw some excitement Saturday night that resulted in the arrest of a 21 year old man and injuries to the two men on his boat, according to a wire report we found on The suspect’s two passengers were injured after the boat’s operator, who was later charged with “causing great bodily harm by intoxicated use of a boat”, made a sharp turn which resulted in them being thrown overboard and colliding with the boat’s propeller. The extent of the injuries were not known at the time of this post, but they did not appear to be fatal.

There were many more exciting mishaps and rescues over the weekend, but that’s enough excitement for us for one post.


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