Friday, August 13, 2010

Beyond the Sea Song

This week's choice for Sea Song of the Week was so obvious it's hard to believe we never featured any version of it here over the past several years.

Once we decided to choose Beyond the Sea, we faced an even harder decision - which version to use... Bobby Darin, Bobby Caldwell, Kevin Spacey and Robbie Williams are just a few of the crooners who belted out this ballad over the years.

After much thought and some feedback on Twitter, we decided to go with a version of Beyond the Sea by the British singer Robbie Williams. After all, the chap has been in the news quite a bit after getting married last week, and he definitely belts the heck out of this song.

For our fellow Americans who are not as aware of Robbie Williams as our friends across the pond are, have a look at his official website - - and his wikipedia writeup.


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