Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lend Me a Life Jacket

Life Jacket Loaner Programs Reach Across the Country

The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation just announced that they will lend life jackets to boaters at selected boat launches around the state. The life jackets will be free to use for both kids and adults, but must be returned the same day to the same location. Boaters who would otherwise be operating their boat illegally without the proper life jackets onboard will get a reprieve, but surely will also get a little education from the park rangers issuing the jackets.

This reminded us of the fantastic program that the BoatU.S. Foundation has been running for years, which includes over 500 locations around the country that will lend out kids’ life jackets for the day or weekend to families who have a temporary need for one.

Alaska, California and other states have similar programs, and Alberta, Canada just announced a trial program as well.

A common theme in our boating safety tips, life jackets are one of the most essential ingredients to a safe day on the water. Hopefully programs like this will help more boaters get with the program when it comes to life jackets.

Let us know if there's a program like this near you, or if you would take advantage of such a program.


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