Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Boat Insurance Gotchas

Boat insurance can be a very dull subject, but when a hurricane is headed your way, or if you are buying your first boat, then you should probably give some thought to your boat insurance policy - or think about getting one if your boat isn't covered.

While we're on the subject, BoatU.S. just released a short (under five-minutes) video about boat insurance that is worth watching. Sure, we cover many of the basics of boat insurance on FirstBoat, but this video covers a few "gotcha's" or things to look for when it comes to marine insurance, including:

  • Why your knowledge of home or auto insurance won't help you one bit when buying boat insurance.

  • Why you should go home tonight to check your own boat's insurance policy for "Consequential Property Damage" coverage.

  • How the "Salvage Squeeze" could end up costing you a bunch of extra money.

  • Now, enjoy the video...

    A note in the interest of full transparency: This video is from BoatU.S., and yes, they sell boat insurance. Further, we are an affiliate of BoatU.S., so if you click here and get a free boat insurance quote, we may receive a small referral fee which we put towards keeping this site updated.

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