Monday, September 20, 2010

Boating Rescue Caught on Video

There were several boating mishaps over the weekend. Some of them were tragic, some dramatic and some just plain strange, but most have boating safety lessons you can take away from them.

Forced Rescue on Video
We’ll start with our headline story. People watched a man struggle to get his boat to shore for more than 24 hours before the onlookers called authorities in to help him. When the helicopter arrived, the captain wanted to stay with his ship, but as you’ll see in this amazing video, they got him just in time.

Missing Boater Found in Woods
Usually reports of people who fall overboard and go missing end very badly, but no matter the outcome they are usually found in or near the water. WTVM reports that was not the case for a Savannah Georgia man on Sunday who was found alive in the woods after a 7-hour search.

Pakistan has an Environmental Protection Agency?
When you see a headline like “3 held for motorboating”, your first instinct might be that the newspaper left off a couple of words such as “while drunk”, or “in a stolen boat”. But yesterday, 3 men were reported as being arrested and their boats confiscated by police.
Why? Because they were on Rawal Lake in Pakistan, where boating was banned by the country’s EPA earlier this month.

Sinking boaters call 911
On Sunday afternoon in Florida, the owner of a 22-foot Sea Cat called 911 on a cell phone according to ABC Action News. But his sinking boat had drifted more than a mile and a half away from where he made the call, so by the time the Coast Guard located the vessel all three passengers were in the water. Luckily all three were wearing life jackets and were safely rescued. Details in stories like this are always vague, but could a handheld VHF radio made this rescue go a little more smoothly by allowing continuous communication between the Coast Guard and distressed boaters?


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  1. What a great video. Too bad about the vessel. But the guy did try for 24 hours and that's quite a fight.