Friday, September 03, 2010

A Musical Tribute to Earl

reason with hurricane season
The votes are in, the parrothead tribe has spoken, a decision has been made. We asked our website visitors, twitter followers, facebook friends, and anybody else that would listen to help us pick today's Sea Song of the Week.

With Hurricane Earl fast approaching our offices, and this being Labor Day Weekend, this week's Sea Song was narrowed down to two songs, both by Jimmy Buffett, either of which would make a good theme song for the weekend: Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season or Come Monday.

Although some folks, like Gary on our Facebook page, admitted to voting for "Come Monday" because he felt bad for those affected by the hurricane, the majority of you didn't care! Maybe it's because Labor Day comes every year, but hurricanes in the Northeast are more rare.

Today's Sea Song of the Week, chosen by YOU, is Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season by Jimmy Buffett...

We found this video on YouTube, but in an effort to please the corporate powers that run Jimmy's business, we offer the following sacrificial link:

To find Jimmy Buffett's tour dates, buy his albums or t-shirts, make dinner reservations at one of his restaurants, watch his 'official' videos, purchase his margarita and beer, or book a room in his new resort, visit


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