Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Name Some Boats, Win Some Stuff

It’s time to name some boats… for a chance to win free stuff.

Some people say naming a boat is harder than naming a baby or a pet. We have a website full of new boat owners that really need your help picking out a boat name. The Boat Name Blog is one of our sister sites. Over the past few weeks, a lot of people have sent their stories into the Boat Name Blog – all of them looking for help in choosing a boat name.

How To Win
Suggest some boat names for any boat name story at the blog, keep it family-friendly, and we may randomly pick you to win a free, high-quality, personalized boat name shirt at the end of the month. These 100% cotton shirts come embroidered with your choice of color and up to two lines of text, including your boat name, on the left chest area of the shirt. (Learn more about the shirt... or buy one now.)

When, How Often, More Details!
Any comments dated in September can win this month, even if your boat name suggestions are for requests for help that are dated prior to the start of the month. You can suggest as many boat names as you want, just please keep them clean, and don't post as 'anonymous' or we won't be able to contact you to tell you if you won. This is not a best boat name contest, we'll pick winners randomly. The clock re-sets on October 1st, so come back next month to try to win again. We're doing this every month - at least until the end of the year.

The Boat Owners
Some of the folks at the blog have an idea of what they want their name to be about, some of them have pictures of their boats, but many of them are a blank slate.

So if you’re feeling just a little creative, and want to try to win some prizes while helping some fellow boaters, please visit the Boat Name Blog and suggest some boat names now.


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