Friday, September 10, 2010

Runner Up Sea Song

Because of all the votes Come Monday received last week, we decided to make it today's Sea Song of the Week even though it came in second place. See... sometimes last week's runners up are this week's winners.

Anyway, here is Jimmy Buffett, back on the Daily Boater for the 2nd week in a row, this time performing Come Monday live at Wrigley Field. It's great to see him mingling with the fans before the show.

By the way, this video was offered for sharing on Jimmy Buffett's official site, so we're not feeling the same obligation to plug his corporate empire like we did last week when we pulled his video off of YouTube to use as our Sea Song of the Week - but we're still gonna because we are such big fans! Visit, where this week they are offering tickets to see Jimmy live in Paris.

Also, we have a different version of this week's Sea Song, Come Monday, at the Daily Boater channel on YouTube.


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