Thursday, October 07, 2010

Boat Shows from Annapolis to Australia

If you are interested in boat shows, you probably already know about the United States Sailboat Show, which starts today in Annapolis. It's a huge boat show, and is followed by the United States Powerboat Show next week in the same location. In fact, it's such a big show, it looks like nobody else in the entire country even attempted to hold a show at the same time.
View from above the Club Marine Mandurah Boat Show

However, Annapolis is not scaring organizers overseas from holding boat shows.

The week-long 50th Genoa International Boat Show, which started last Saturday and was hampered by some serious weather earlier this week, is still going strong through this Sunday (10/10/10. Yes, we said 10/10/10).

Down Under, there are two shows going on this weekend. The Club Marine Mandurah Boat Show (pictured) is Friday through Sunday in Western Australia, and the inaugural Ballina Boat and Leisure Show runs Saturday and Sunday in New South Wales.

You can find links to the show websites, maps, and more for each of these and other upcoming shows on the boat show calendar.


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