Friday, October 29, 2010

Catch all the Sea Songs

Fan Photo © Brad Paisley
Today's pick for Sea Song of the Week is from Brad Paisley, who celebrated his 38th birthday yesterday. (Happy Birthday Brad!)

Since we already chose his hits Water and I'm Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin' Song) earlier this year, we had to dig a little deeper into Brad's discography to find this track - which is one of Brad's favorites to play on the road according to this interview.

Okay, enough with the VH1 Behind the Music b.s. Here is today's Sea Song of the Week, Brad Paisley performing Catch All The Fish... (View video, Get this song on iTunes)

Okay, just a little more VH1 stuff... Brad is cool for a lot of reasons, but as a boater you have to appreciate that two of Brad's big tour sponsors are Sea Ray and Triton Boats, and as a fan, it's cool that you can sign up for VIP tours and get backstage access to his shows. You will find better quality videos, as well as information about his current H2O tour and new Hits Alive album (being released next Tuesday) at Brad's official site.


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