Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Rocket Launcher Saves Lives

James Dyson Award goes to inventor from Sydney, Australia for Marine Rescue Device

When something goes horribly wrong and one of your boat’s passengers goes overboard, aiming a bazooka at them and squeezing the trigger is not likely to be your first reaction. But it just might save their life if the “bazooka” in question is the Longreach Buoyancy Deployment System.

The Longreach is still in the prototype stage, but just yesterday it won its 24 year old Australian inventor the James Dyson Award for international design. The award, backed by "that vacuum guy", British billionaire James Dyson, is more than just a trophy or a plaque - the winner gets £10,000 cash (more than $15,000 U.S. Dollars), and so does the University he attended. And as Co.Design points out, the second place finisher for the award was also a boating safety product. The SeaKettle is an inflatable life raft that has a built in system for using sunlight to turn sea water into drinkable fresh water

Check out this video to see the Longreach in action.

Do you think this could save lives in the US? Share your thoughts please.


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