Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winterizing – an Inside Job

Some things are better left to experts - perhaps prepping a boat engine for the winter is one of them

This time of year, virtually every boating website offers up tips and checklists for winterizing your boat. We even posted an article ourselves last week, with plenty of advice for readying your boat for its hibernation season.

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But let’s face it. There is a group of us boat owners that leave the engines to professional marine mechanics (or perhaps even to a handy hubby if we’ve got one.) We don’t like to get our hands dirty and we don’t want to mess anything up. What we worry about is making sure the interior of the boat is prepped properly so that it doesn’t smell like spoiled milk when returning to launch in the spring, and that the boat is completely cleaned of important valuables so that nobody has to venture to the boat in four feet of snow to fetch a toddler’s favorite toy.

If this sounds like you (and for the record, it sounds like this Daily Boater editor), then the winterizing tips from the Boater Life blog were written just for you.


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