Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Winterizing Time

But there still may be time for one last fall foliage run!

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The lack of rain and the extended warm weather many of us enjoyed this past year, at least here in the northeast, really enabled us to get the most out of our boats. There may even be time for one more fall foliage boating trip before we have to haul her out. Was your summer and fall boating season as good as ours in your part of the world? Well, that time is coming to an end except in the southernmost regions of the US. Now that the leaves have turned and both the real summer and the Indian summer are finally over, it's time to face the music and winterize your boat...

Winterizing the right way "can actually make spring commissioning an easier, less expensive experience" according to Alan Sorum, past Port Director and Harbormaster for the City of Valdez, Alaska.

Among the many tips on Alan’s Boating and Sailing blog:
- Wash and wax the boat hull right after it’s taken from the water to make it easier to clean up for use next season.

- Remove cushions, lifejackets and other items that could mildew.

- With the advent of alcohol blended fuels, opinions now vary on the advantages of keeping fuel tanks full for the winter. Talk to the local boatyard operator or mechanic for recommendations.
It's the little things that make your boat last, and following a checklist will help you remember all the details. Ericka Watson has just such a checklist on her Powerboating Blog at Ericka also includes instructions for winterizing your boat's drive system, hull and interior.

After following both Alan's and Ericka's advice, you'll be ready for spring and another season of boating in no time!


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