Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Burning Boats in Biscayne Bay

Another day, another boat fire in Biscayne Bay caught on video

After seeing news of a 45-foot motor yacht catching fire in Biscayne Bay last Friday on a video clip from 7 News, we decided to search the interwebs for more stories about this particular Halloween-weekend yacht fire.

It turns out we couldn’t find any other sources that included video of the fire on the Gypsy Rose last Friday, but we were surprised to find several videos of other boats burning in Biscayne Bay over the past few years. Someone should research whether boats are more likely to catch on fire in this South Florida destination, or if that 35 by 8 mile body of warm water is just a highly popular boating area closely observed by people with video cameras.

For example, here is video of a 57 foot Carver burning in Biscayne Bay this past April.

In February of 2009, a 54 foot Sunseeker burned in the Bay (sorry, only pics not video on this one)

More Video

Other boat fires in Biscayne Bay we found on YouTube include this one dated November 2009 and this 30 foot cruiser from October 2007. I don’t know about you, but this seems like a lot of boat fires for one area, although, admittedly, Florida is quite a popular boating destination (More on boating in Florida ).

Of course we’ve seen some dramatic boat fires all across the country, and while they are usually quite sensational, they can also be quite dangerous – even deadly. Make sure you’re prepared in case you ever have to face the unfortunate circumstance of being in a vessel that is engulfed in flames while surrounded by water – visit for more about Fire Safety on Boats.


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