Friday, November 12, 2010

Down by the Sea Song

Sea Song of the Week: Under the Boardwalk

While this song is admittedly not about boating, any tune with a reference to the sea is open for consideration when it comes to choosing our Sea Song of the Week. When the song remains a classic sing-along more than 45 years after its release, with cover versions by dozens of artists, it makes it an even easier choice.

Among all those covers, we found this version to be one of the funner (is that a word?) ones. Our Sea Song of the Week is Under the Boardwalk , performed here by Bruce Willis accompanied by the Temptations. Continue to view the video and read more about Bruce.

Yes, before he was the star of several awesome action movies, including Die Hard, Armageddon, Unbreakable and The Fifth Element to name a few (and of course Striking Distance in which Willis piloted a police boat), and in addition his TV fame on Moonlighting, Bruce Willis dabbled in the music business. (Editor's note: I once owned an LP version of The Return of Bruno some time in the 80's).

More about Bruce from IMDB.
And here is what we think is the official site of The Temptations (turn down your speakers before visiting here.)


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