Friday, November 19, 2010

It's The Beatles

Each week we pick a song to celebrate the sea, and help you kick-start your weekend or think about boating if you can't get out on the water.

iTunes & App Store  With this week's announcement about The Beatles finally being available on iTunes, did you have any doubt that we would pick a tune from the Fab Four as our Sea Song of the Week?

Even after more than four decades, there is still controversy about what this song is really about, but according to Wikipedia, the song was inspired by a nursery school drawing of a girl on a boat. Regardless of what the young Beatles were thinking about when they wrote this classic, we'd like to remind you that the opening line of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is "Picture yourself in a boat on a river".

That's good enough to make it our Sea Song of the Week. Of course, the video clip from the Beatles' movie Yellow Submarine may give you other ideas...


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