Saturday, January 15, 2011

Scenes from a Boat Show

Scenes from the Providence Boat Show, going on this weekend in Rhode Island

Sailboats were back at the 2011 Providence Boat Show
As we mentioned Thursday, there are a TON of boat shows this weekend, but only one is within a couple hours drive of the offices of the Daily Boater. So we checked out the Providence Boat Show yesterday and thought we'd bring you a taste of it here. We know our readers who enjoy sailing in New England will be happy about the fact that there are more and bigger sailboats at the show this year.

If you're within an hour drive of Providence (or any boat show - there are, again, a lot of them this weekend), you should check out the boat show. If you are near us, we also suggest the Hartford Boat Show in two weeks, the Northeast Fishing Expo in mid-February, and the big New England Boat Show in Boston at the end of February.

Back to Providence... While we were there, we snapped a few boat pics...

The MultiHull Source from Wareham, MA, had sails up at the show

Biggest boat at the show was from in So Dartmouth, MA

There were power boats, too, of course

Safe/Sea had the coolest boat at the show

Safe/Sea also had a very cool ship simulator video game

This one "could get out of its own way" as they say

Thought the seats were cool in this versatile boat

No boat too small at the Providence Boat Show

The show is going on through Sunday, January 26 2011. For more information visit or our boat show calendar.



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  2. There are so many boat shows this year, it's overwhelming!! However it's really nice to see that some of them are now featuring used boats too. This is great for the first time buyer!