Friday, January 21, 2011

Sea Song of Love

Our Sea Song of the Week is Sea of Love by Phil Phillips

Cat Power sang one of the more
recent versions of Sea of Love
Each week we post a nautical tune to help start your weekend the right way, even if you can't get out on the boat. This week we chose a song that's been covered dozens of times by artists including Robert Plant (while with the Honeydrippers), Iggy Pop and Tom Waits (for the movie Sea of Love starring Al Pacino). Cat Power, who is celebrating a birthday today, released her version of the song in 2007 for the movie Juno.

Phil Phillips, who will turn 80 in March, originally released the song in 1959. It looks like he re-recorded it in 2002 and appears in this video...

For more from Phil Phillips, check out his MySpace page. (MySpace was like Facebook before Facebook.)


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