Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Top 100 Largest Superyachts in the World

Boat International’s 2011 “10 Billion Dollar List” showcases the largest privately owned luxury yachts.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's 533-ft Eclipse.
Many readers of the Daily Boater and FirstBoat.com own a perfectly fine center console fishing boat, a skiff, a deck boat, or maybe even a 30 to 40 foot cruiser. Some of our readers simply hope to own a boat some day, or are currently between boats due to the economy or other circumstances.

But there is an elite group of yacht owners that probably don’t read boating news on the Daily Boater – they instead have people that read boating publications like ours for them. These heads of state and titans of industry own luxury yachts that are more like cruise ships than boats, only without all the little rooms and bunk beds.

These are the folks whose yachts turned up on what superyacht magazine Boat International calls the 10 Billion Dollar List.

The 10 Billion Dollar List is so called because the estimated combined replacement value of all 100 yachts on the list adds up to approximately $10 billion – equivalent to the GDP of a small country.

The mega yachts on the 100-yacht long list include Rising Sun (owned by media mogul David Geffen), Octopus (owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen), Limitless (owned by Leslie Wexner, head of Victoria’s Secret). Eclipse, the top yacht on the list, has facilities for 92 crew and staff members - and we already told you about the ship's anti-missile and anti-paparazzi defense systems when Eclipse was going through her sea trials. For more details on all 100 yachts in the list pick up a copy of the February 2011 issue of Boat International, or you can view it online here.

How much is too much? What’s the biggest boat you’ve ever owned or been on? Your comments are welcome below on www.DailyBoater.com.

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