Friday, February 11, 2011

Sea Song of Heartbreak

Our Sea Song of the Week for Valentine's Day Weekend

Photo: © Sean Locke/istockphoto
Each week we post a nautical tune to help you get your weekend off to a great start, even if you can't get out on the boat or to a boat show. After all the mushy stuff we put up on the blog about Valentine's Day the past few days, we decided to pick a tune for the rest of the world. You know, the anti-Valentine's Day crowd.

Seriously, this is a song everyone can enjoy - a classic that has been covered by the likes of Johnny Cash, Rosanne Cash and Bruce Springsteen, George Strait and Jimmy Buffett. Of course, many people contend that Bob Gibson's original version from 1961 stands as the best. That's why we chose Bob Gibson singing Sea of Heartbreak as today's Sea Song of the Week...

1 comment:

  1. If Jimmy Buffett has sang it then it must be a classic. What boater doesn't love his music?