Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Hottest Wakeboard Boat Innovations of 2011

TransWorld WAKEBOARDING magazine announces the best wakeboard boat innovations of 2011.

The May issue of TransWorld WAKEBOARDING magazine takes a look at the best wakeboard boat innovations of 2011. The review is online now, so we thought we would check it out to see if any of the advancements in the latest wakeboard boats are things you'd like to see on your boat.

The Big Features
The innovative features that WAKEBOARDING looked at include enhancements in the ballast systems, the functionality of the towers and the usefulness of the LCD displays. WAKEBOARDING also checked out improvements in engines, seating and overall style.

Eye, Touch
Integrated LCD displays, with touch screen control, seem to be standard on many wakeboard boats. These displays are multi-functional, often capable of playing video, controlling the ballast system and even dimming the interior and exterior lighting.

Sculpt This
If you don't have a wakeboard boat, sculpting wakes isn't something you probably think about all that often. But when someone's surfing behind your boat, catching the perfect wave is often ALL they think about. That's why innovations in things like ballast systems are so important to wakeboard boaters.

Tabs, Too
This year's new ideas include a plug-and-play ballast from MasterCraft, a massive hybrid ballast system from Supra, and, also from MasterCraft, a feature called Surf Tabs. WAKEBOARDING describes Surf Tabs this way:
"Positioned on either side of the stern, these stainless-steel tabs not only help you create great surf wakes on either side of the boat, they also let you tune the length and pitch of the wave to your surfer’s preference. Press a switch at the helm and transform the wake from a shallower, longboard-style wave to a steeper, skim-style wave — or anywhere in between."

Could any of these enhancements be applied to your fishing boat, runabout, express cruiser or yacht - or even a sailboat? Do they make you want to get a wakeboat? Do you have a wakeboat with "older" versions of any of these features, and if so, do you think these are innovative? Let us know!

Check out all the features, including video, at TransWorld WAKEBOARDING's official site.

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