Monday, May 09, 2011

Monday Rescue Report

Capsizes, floods and stray bullets made boating interesting this past weekend...

U.S. Coast Guard Photo

Each Monday in the spring and summer we take a look at all the boating incidents from the weekend and share the ones that are unique and interesting, or that can provide a reminder about boating safety.

Unfortunately, the headlines this morning were very busy.

Rang out like a bell
The News Journal is reporting that a stray bullet grazed a fisherman in the arm on Friday while he was boating in the Delaware River (near Delaware City, Delaware). The victim is expected to be fine, but the boaters and the authorities do not seem to have any clue about where the shot came from - from the shore, or from another boat, etc.

Life jackets saved them
Two men fell from their personal watercraft near Corpus Christi on Saturday and required the Coast Guard to rescue them. Lt. Mary Arvidson, pilot and public affairs officer for Air Station Corpus Christi, stated "These men were in the water for over an hour in 4-5 foot seas, and the fact that they were wearing life-jackets helped save their lives."

Tragedy near Camano Head
An 18-foot boat with four adults and one 13 year old boy on board overturned off Camano Island, Washington, on Saturday, resulting in one adult fatality and what appears to be serious injuries for the youth. According to the Coast Guard, the water was calm and none of the boaters were wearing life jackets. reports that witnesses saw the boat get hit by multiple waves from other vessels nearby.

Too Much Water to Boat
Floods are still leading headline around many regions of North America. Boating restrictions have been lifted in some areas, such as the Big Sioux River in eastern South Dakota and on the Oneida and Seneca Rivers in NY. However, there are still bans on boating on Quebec’s Richelieu River and on many lakes along the Mississippi River. Check with your local authorities, such as the department of fishing and wildlife, to see if boating is safe in your area.

Check out's tips on boating safety, and stay tuned to the Daily Boater for more boating safety and seamanship articles.

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