Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Other Top Ten Boat Names

Another site releases their top ten boat names... how does it compare to FirstBoat's?  Is your name on the list? 

Carpe Diem was missing from both lists this year.
Just a few weeks after FirstBoat announced the most popular boat names of 2011 (view FirstBoat's top boat names here), insurance company BoatU.S. has released their version of the top ten boat names based on their own data.

There are some similarities between the two lists, and of course there are some differences. The similarities include the way the data was gathered, as well as the fact that three names made it to both lists this year (Could those three names be the most definitive top three boat names ever?)  Differences include the breadth of data each company uses to create their list of top boat names.

Boat US?
That's right -  in addition to selling insurance, BoatU.S. also sells vinyl boat lettering. To come up with their list, they scan the boat names that their customers order throughout the year when customers make their purchases. This is not too different to how we arrive at our own top boat names, only we use data from multiple sources to try to achieve a broader view of the most popular boat names in the US. The FirstBoat list is compiled based on the most frequent unique purchases of vinyl boat lettering at CustomBoatNames.com, and unique purchases of personalized boating gear and apparel from BoatNameGear.com. Of course, no personal data was shared with anybody, ever, as we're sure is the case with BoatU.S. as well.

Their Top 10 Boat Names
Anyway, you probably only care about the top 10 boat names, so here are the top ten from BoatU.S.
  1. AquaHolic
  2. Andiamo (Let's go)
  3. The Black Pearl
  4. La Belle Vita (The Beautiful Life)
  5. Mojo
  6. Island Time
  7. Second Wind
  8. No Worries
  9. Serenity
  10. Blue Moon

The Ultimate Top 3 Boat Names?
Boat names that made it to the BoatUS list as well as to FirstBoat's top ten include:
Andiamo (7 at FirstBoat)
Black Pearl (6 at FirstBoat)
Serenity (1 at FirstBoat)

Those three boat names are the only ones to appear on both lists, which derive their results from different sources. Does that make "Serenity", "Black Pearl" and "Andiamo" the three definitive most popular boat names overall?  What do you see around your dock?


  1. Jeff Duer10 May, 2011

    I prefer "AnitaBreak" named for the wife !!

    I have seen "Forget Aboat It" and "more Money Than Sense"

  2. Those are good ones Jeff! We see a LOT of women's names in the boat names that come through our sites, and most all are unique.

  3. Thanks for the details as to why there are different results. Regardless, I am so tired of AquaHolic :) .