Friday, May 06, 2011

Sea Song of Fools

Got some time to kill before boating season? Check out today's Sea Song of the Week

Image: IMDB
Every Friday we post a nautical tune to kick off the weekend, even if you can't get out on the boat. We call it the Sea Song of the Week.

For many boaters across the United States, especially along the Mississippi and in upstate NY, floods are preventing an early start to boating season (April Showers Bring May Boating Restrictions).

So if you're waiting for the flood waters (or gas prices) to recede before your season starts, let's face it, you've got time to kill. Enter Ship of Fools. Many legendary bands have done different songs that they called Ship of Fools, including the Doors and Robert Plant, and there was even a book and movie by that name.

However, of all the different "Ship(s) of Fools" there is only one version from a band that was known for their ability to stretch a song out long enough for flood waters to recede.

And that jam band is, of course, the Grateful Dead. Here they are performing Ship of Fools in California back in June of 1989.

Need more Dead? Check out the Grateful Dead official site.

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