Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Sun Will Rise Again

And when it does, will you be protected on your boat?

Boaters always wish for sunny days, but we need to be careful what we wish for.
Don’t worry, although it doesn’t seem like it in many parts of the country today, the sun will be out soon… and when it does come back out from behind the clouds, you’ll be out on your boat soaking up the rays.

We realize our readers would like to maximize their time spent boating. But a lot of time spent boating has a side effect of a lot of time spent out in the sun, and that can be dangerous. That’s why we are always on the lookout for ideas to protect boaters’ skin from the damage that the sun can cause over time. This article takes a look at a product that was invented to stylishly provide shade on a boat and keep you cool, but that doubles as an additional weapon in the fight to protect people from the harmful effects of the sun while boating.

Boaters get it bad
Think about it - boaters experience dramatically more exposure to the sun than folks who are out in the sun doing things on dry land. The reflection of the sun off the water as well as off of your boat is intensified compared to the sun bouncing off the grassy surface of your backyard or a park or on a jogging trail.

Photo courtesy SureShade Blog
Sunscreen may not be enough
When you’re out on your boat for hours on a sunny day, perhaps jumping in and out of the water at your favorite cove, you need to be sure your sunscreen is keeping up with your efforts to wash or sweat it off. Do you also wear a wide brim hat? A UV protected swim shirt and expensive sunglasses? All are a good start and highly recommended. But there’s more…

Cool in the shade
When we first noticed what turned out to be a retractable sun shade on a boat, we thought it was just the roof-part of a full canvas system, and that it was an innovative idea to keep you cool in the shade while boating. But on further inspection, and after reading a post or two over at the SureShade blog, it became clear that these sun shade systems offer much more – most importantly, they provide a convenient and flexible way to get additional sun protection while you're out on the boat.

To learn more about how a retractable sunshade system can help protect your family from the sun while boating, check out this article at the SureShade blog.

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