Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Boating Rescue

Father and son rescued in Galveston Bay on Father's Day...

Father's Day had a happy ending for these rescued men. U.S.C.G. photo courtesy Lt. j.g. Erin Gill.

The chances of surviving when your boat capsizes or is in an accident increases significantly when you are wearing a life jacket.

Statistics on boating safety prove this again and again. That's why this particular Sunday morning rescue was so special.

Sure, it's cool that a father and son were rescued together and thus avoided a tragic Father's Day story that would scar their family for generations. But what's really special is the fact that the two men were rescued because they were wearing life jackets, enabling them to survive in the water for over two hours after their boat capsized in Galveston Bay, according to a Coast Guard news release. "Having those life jackets on saved their lives," stated Petty Officer 3rd Class Brett Bates, an Air Station Houston rescue swimmer.

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