Friday, July 15, 2011

Video: World on Water - Week 28

A brand new edition of World on Water, the video news show that covers sailing races and more from around the world, is now available...

Click the video or one of the links below to begin viewing the latest World on Water now.

This week's show, released Friday, July 15, 2011, includes the following highlights...
1. 2011 RC 44 Cagliari Cup

2. 2011 Bosphorus Cup

3. 2011 Superyacht Cup Palma

4. 2011 Sterna Match Cup (Women)

5. Puma mar mostro

6. 2011 Neil Pryde Sailing Series Dunkerque

7. This week's Fresh to Frightening features the uncontrollable broach which caused the steering to be broken on Ironbound, owned by David Murphy (USA) during Race two of the recent Cagliari Cup in Sardinia
You can now view a supersized version of World on Water on FirstBoat at, or watch World on Water on the Daily Boater. Either way, the latest edition of the show is released each Friday. Stay tuned!


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