Monday, August 29, 2011

After the Storm

You may have heard about a little storm that ripped up the east coast over the weekend. We thought we'd share a few photos we found of the damage that Irene did to some boats and docks as she made her way north as a hurricane and later as a (still very menacing) tropical storm. Feel free to add your own photos to our facebook page and share your story from the storm...

IMG_7430IMG_7585IMG_7643edey & duff sailboatBahamas IrenePICT7153
Dock Next to Mobys In Highlands NJGas Stop at the MarinaLoose DingeyIMG_3515Irene Strikes Again

Click any of the above photos to view our gallery on flickr, Irene damages boats and marinas, or check out a few screenshots we captured of CBS in Boston below (

Did your boat survive Irene? Share your stories and photos from Irene on our facebook page.

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