Friday, October 07, 2011

Sailing TV, World on Water 10/7/2011

Today's edition of World on Water, the action-packed boating TV show that covers sailing races and events from around the world, is now available on First Boat...

The current show, released Friday, October 7, 2011, features the following action on video...
1. 2011-12 Volvo Race preliminaries Alicante, Spain

2. 2011 Regattas Royales Cannes, France

3. Chicago Match Cup Grade 1 Finals

4. PWA Reno World Cup Sylt

5. 2011-12 Clipper Race Leg 3 Cape Town Finish

6. Adris RC44 Cup, Croatia

7. This week's Fresh to Frightening features spectacular action from the 2008 Honda Formula 4-Stroke Powerboat Steam Packet GP in the Isle of Man. Boats racing towards the wrong buoy cut recklessly in front of the fleet to make the correct mark. Near catastrophe!

View a large-screen version of World on Water on FirstBoat at, or watch World on Water on the Daily Boater. Either way, the latest edition of the show is released each Friday. Stay tuned!


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