Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Boating Safety and Fatalities

Arizona boating fatalities spike. Arizona recently singled out for weak boating education laws. Coincidence?

A couple of articles crossed our desks this morning about the "unexpectedly" high number of boating fatalities in the state of Arizona. Should this really come as a surprise...

Here are the articles we saw this morning: Boating Fatalities Increase in 2011 and Spike in Arizona Boating Deaths
They're brief and to the point, and they are tragic.

These stories are always tragic - each time you hear about them happening on the water, and again when they "tally up" the deaths and accidents each year. What's even more tragic is that it is possible to prevent many of these boating fatalities.

For example, of the ten deaths in Arizona this year, six people drowned... and of the six who drowned, three weren't wearing life jackets.

In our opinion, it is no surprise that Arizona was on the list of the NTSB's states with weak boating safety laws. According to one of the articles we linked to above, in the state of Arizona, "Taking a boating safety class is recommended." Unfortunately, in Arizona, taking a boating safety class is not required.


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