Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sea Song of the Week - Lighthouse Keeper

The Sea Song of the Week is a new nautical folk song from a couple of native New England songwriters...

Screenshot of the Daily Boater channel on YouTube featuring our latest Sea Song of the Week

Every weekend at the Daily Boater we choose a song to help get you into that nautical state of mind, even if for just one moment. We like to think it helps a little if you can't get out on the water. We call it our Sea Song of the Week.

This week we shopped local, and found a song made in New England that is about as nautical as it gets. From the title of the song, to the video, to virtually every line of the lyrics, this ballad is truly one to put you in an aquatic state of mind...

Lighthouse Keeper
Our choice for Sea Song of the Week is Lighthouse Keeper by Neptune's Car, a band we stumbled upon at the facebook page of our friends at BoatingLocal . Enjoy...

You can find many of our previous picks for Sea Song of the Week at the Daily Boater Sea Song page.

By the way, Lighthouse Keeper isn't the only nautical nugget on Strawberry Moon, the debut album by Neptune’s Car. You can find the other songs, and news from the duo at


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