Thursday, January 26, 2012

Biggest Boat Show Weekend of the Year?

There may be more boat shows around the US this weekend than at any other time this year, and certainly more in Washington...

Hartford last year had tons of mid-sized boats. Lots and lots of boat shows this weekend. Photo © Nautical Sites Media

They are not all huge, but there sure are a lot of them. And they're everywhere. If you were thinking about going to a boat show sometime soon, this may be your best chance, as there are more than a dozen boat and sport shows around the country.

There's one near us this weekend (Hartford Boat Show in Connecticut), and yes, there's probably one near you, too. Are you heading to a boat show in Hartford, Seattle, San Diego, Chicago or Jacksonville, or in one of the many other locations this weekend?  Let us know! Here are a few of the details...

We'll be walking the floor of the Hartford Boat Show on Friday when it opens at noon to visit old friends and to see what's new. This show was strong last year and will likely be bigger and better this year based on what we've seen going on at other shows around the country.

Crowds have been coming out for boat shows this year. Photo © Nautical Sites Media
The Mid-America Boat Show was LAST week in Cleveland, and now it's Cincinnati's turn. The Cincinnati Travel, Sports and Boat Show started yesterday and runs through this Sunday at the Duke Energy Convention Center.

San Diego
California comes to the party this week with the San Diego Sunroad Boat Show, today through Sunday, at the Sunroad Marina on Harbor Island, San Diego, California.

Florida has two shows this weekend, one in Jacksonville, and one in Naples. Now, these shows are not to be compared to Miami or Ft Lauderdale, but if you want to browse multiple brands of boats and gear in one place this weekend, these shows are worth attending.

The state of Washington is strong for boat shoppers this weekend. The big Seattle Boat Show starts tomorrow and runs through next Sunday (Feb 5), and the 'right' side of the state, the Spokane National Boat Show runs from this Saturday (1/28/12) through the following Saturday. If you want to see more hunting and fishing stuff, you also have the Washington Sportsmen's Show which started yesterday and runs through Sunday (1/29/12) in Puyallup, WA.

Many, Many More
There are also boat shows this weekend in Chicago, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Charleston, and in two different locations in Virginia. Dates, times and links to the official event websites can be found on the First Boat boat show calendar. A few future shows are there as well, and we update the calendar regularly.

Are You There Now? 
If you are attending a boat show this weekend, please post photos or comment, either below or on the Daily Boater Facebook page. Thanks!

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