Sunday, January 29, 2012

Miles Away From Our Usual Sea Song

Our latest Sea Song of the Week is easy like Sunday morning. No, this is not a Lionel Richie song...

Screenshot of the Daily Boater channel on YouTube featuring our latest Sea Song of the Week

Every weekend (or so) at the Daily Boater we choose a song to help get you into that nautical state of mind, even if you can't get out on the water. Trust us - listen our songs, and you can smell the salt air all the way from Oklahoma. We call it our Sea Song of the Week.

This week's Sea Song is as much about surfing as it is boating, and it is as much a beer commercial as it is a music video. But we are excusing ourselves since we're a week away from super-Sunday, where beer commercials may take up more air time than the actual game. Besides, we think you'll really like this super-smooth groove...

Miles Away
Our choice for Sea Song of the Week is Miles Away by Years Around the Sun. The video below was found on the Australian version of Corona's website, and is compilation of scenes from a boat journey the beer folks took with legendary surf director Taylor Steele. Enjoy...

To learn more about the Years Around the Sun, visit their official website:


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