Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our Blue Sea Song of the Week

Our first Sea Song selection for 2012 is a "song about the blue" written and performed by a group of scuba divers turned oceanic conservationists...

Screenshot of the Daily Boater channel on YouTube featuring our latest Sea Song of the Week

Every weekend at the Daily Boater we choose a song to help get you into that nautical state of mind, even if you can't get out on the water at the moment. We call it our Sea Song of the Week.

This week's song is about that water you wish you were out on right now. According to the song's creators, this tune was "designed to portray the beauty and fragility of the ocean and convey how we are mistreating and neglecting her. ...

Our Blue
Our choice for Sea Song of the Week is Our Blue by The Tank Bangers. Enjoy...

To learn about the history and efforts of The Tank Bangers, donate to their cause, and see what else they have planned, visit


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