Monday, January 30, 2012

Remember Your First Time at a Boat Show?

Do you remember your first time? Presenting the Hartford Boat Show through the eyes of an 11 year old...

Boat shows are always fun to attend for us seasoned boaters, but do you remember your very first? Do you recall what caught your attention, and what you thought was worth capturing on camera?

Let us help jog your memory. Here are a few scenes from the 2012 Hartford Boat Show, taken by an 11 year old whose mother sent us the pictures from the kid's iTouch. These made us smile, so we had to share...

Laser-Eye Transformer

Storm Trooper Hiding Between Boats

Fish Sticks

Show's Over. Let's "Head" Home.

Got your own scenes from a boat show? Post your pics to the Daily Boater Facebook page - - and look for a boat show near you on the FirstBoat calendar of boat shows.


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  1. Maybe he is the next DeMille? Go Connor! Mrs. C
    Sending this to all my boating friends.