Thursday, February 02, 2012

Boat Shows in AC, Dallas, New Orleans And More

Yet another big weekend for boat shows with events in Atlantic City, Dallas, Rochester, Tulsa and many, many more...

Crowds turn out at the show. Photo courtesy Melbourne Summer Boat Show Festival 2012

Every week we write about all the boat shows going on, and once again there are a bunch of them this weekend, and they are all over the place. We do this every single Thursday, over and over again. It kind of feels like Groundhog Day. Oh yeah. It is.

Whether you were told this morning that you will see an early spring, or face six more weeks of winter, you can get a taste of summer this weekend at a boat show near you. There are shows this weekend in warm places like Dallas and Fort Lauderdale, and in cooler locations including Atlantic City and Rochester. Let's get to the details of this weekend's boat shows now...

There are a lot of reasons to head to the Atlantic City Boat Show, going on now through Superbowl Sunday at the AC Convention Center in New Jersey. Meet Abby Sunderland, see the 4-time world champion Miss GEICO race boat, scuba dive in a pool, and participate in Paddlepalooza.

New Orleans
What a great excuse to head to a great city this weekend. The New Orleans Boat Show runs Thursday through Saturday. You choose whether to stay in town to watch the big game Sunday night, or to head home and watch it with family and friends.

The 2012 Dallas International Boat Show starts today and runs through Sunday the 5th, then starts up again next Thursday for a 2nd weekend.

Boat shows continue in Washington this weekend, with the 2nd weekend of both the Seattle Boat Show and the Spokane National Boat Show.

Down Under
The Melbourne Summer Boat Show is Friday through Sunday in Melbourne, Australia. Yes, it's summer on the other side of the world, even as our local groundhog just promised us 6 more weeks of winter this morning here in the northeastern U.S.

Rochester, Tulsa, Fort Lauderdale, Oregon and More
There are several more boat and sport shows across the United States. Dates, times and links to the official event websites can be found on the First Boat boat show calendar. A few future shows are there as well, and we update the calendar regularly.

Are You There Yet? 
If you are attending a boat show this weekend, please post photos or comment on the Daily Boater Facebook page or comment below. Thanks!

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