Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Get Your Low Cost Life Jackets

Please help spread the word to save some money and, more importantly, save some lives...

The BoatUS Foundation sent us a note about their Teens Afloat Program, and it includes two of our favorite subjects - boating safely, and saving money. The program is targeted at organizations, not individual boaters or families, but if you have teens who attend a camp or school that has any sort of on-the-water activities, or if you run such a program, you need to check this out.

The Savings
The Teens Afloat Program helps keep teens safe on the water by offering discounted vest-style life jackets - at just $5 - to non-profit summer camps, schools, or any local non-profit organization providing on-the-water educational programming for teens. The life jackets offered are Type III vests - the most comfortable non-inflating type available that normally retail for about $30 each.

How To Apply
Groups interested in getting life jackets may apply using an online application located at by March 31, 2012. After applications are received, the Foundation will choose the applications that best match grant guidelines and post them on the Foundation's website and Facebook page for a public vote in April.

Who Can Qualify
The Teens Afloat program is for groups currently offering on-the-water programs, such as educational boat trips, canoe and kayak excursions that include safe and clean boating in their curriculum. However, groups that don't currently include safe and clean boating in their educational programs can also apply if they commit to add these topics to their programming. Applicants are allowed to request from 10 to 50 life jackets in increments of 10.

More information is available at

Photo Courtesy of The U.S. Coast Guard. 

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