Friday, February 03, 2012

A Super World on Water

The super-football-weekend edition of World on Water, Episode 58 released February 3, 2012, is now available. Watch it on the Daily Boater or

We're not allowed to say super and bowl together, right? Anyway, it's THAT weekend. Here's the outline of the current edition of World on Water...

World on Water Episode 58

A brand new episode of World on Water, released February 3, 2012, features video of sailing action from around the world, including...
  • America’s Cup World Series
  • Giovanni Soldini/Maserati Atlantic Speed Attempt
  • Rolex Miami Olympic Classes Regatta
  • Festival of Sails Geelong Australia
  • Global Ocean Race
  • Fresh to Frightening
Watch the latest World on Water now! 


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