Friday, February 17, 2012

World on Water # 60

Tune in now for the latest edition of World on Water, Episode 60, released February 17, 2012...

Ready for some fast-paced, world-class sailing action? Here's what's happening on today's edition of World on Water...
World on Water Episode 60

A brand new episode of World on Water, released February 17, 2012, features video of sailing action from around the world, including...
  • Tour of Arabia
  • "Fresh to Frightening" shows what happened when hiking out on Cereef where a crewmember forgets that there's no lifelines and he gently does a back flip into the water
  • RC44 Puerto Calero Cup
  • 18ft Skiffs Presidents’s Trophy
  • Mission Bay San Diego Las Vegas Snipe Fleet 495 Regatta
  • Chicago Match Race Centre "Sail Chicago" Regatta


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