Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Texas Survival Story

After 30+ hours in the Gulf of Mexico, one of two men survive after 30-foot Scarab capsizes... 

We'll let the more-professional press tell you the details of this tragic story from the Gulf; we found several articles and will link to a few below. If nothing else it's a reminder that bad things can happen on the water at any moment. But it's more than that. AP writer Ramit Plushnick-Masti tweeted that this is a story about " and death, bravery, love, friendship and so much more"

This apparently all began last Thursday when two men went fishing, and ended with one of them swimming several miles to a gas rig in the gulf where he (or possibly workers on the rig, depending on which article has the 'best' facts) called for help. Most of these articles came out Tuesday (3/27), with the latest updates that we saw as late as 10 pm Tuesday evening.

The Associated Press version of the story by Plushnick-Masti has a lot of details, and is quite a gripping account of what happened in the water that night: Boat sinks, Texas man survives 30 hours in Gulf.

One of the local versions of the story, with updates from late Tuesday evening, appears on

The Houston Chronicle at points to the Montgomery County Police Reporter as its source of information: Retired Montgomery county deputy swims almost 25 miles for help.

Also available is the NY Daily News version, which takes most of the content from the AP, but adds the sensational headline, "Texas man leaves best friend to die, survives 35 hours in the Gulf of Mexico"

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  1. It is really fun to be in the middle of the ocean it feels a little bit scary but extraordinary joy.