Friday, March 02, 2012

World on Water 2 March 2012

Tune in for the latest edition of World on Water, Episode 62, released March 2, 2012...

It's time for some fast-paced, world-class sailing action! Here's what's happening on today's edition of World on Water...

World on Water Episode 62

A brand new episode of World on Water, released March 2, 2012, features video of sailing action from around the world, including...
  • 2012 Etchells World Championships
  • RORC Caribbean 600
  • Tour of Arabia
  • Global Ocean Race Through the Eyes of Marco Nannini on Global Financial Crisis
  • This week's "Fresh to Frightening" features the ‘Top Ten Most Awesome Boat Crashes, Collisions, Sinkings and Amazing Sights at Sea’!
  • 2012 Winning Appliances JJ Giltinan Championships


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