Sunday, April 01, 2012

Clipper Rescue Underway

USCG rescuing crew from Round the World Yacht Race 400 miles off Cali coast...

Geraldton Western Australia earlier in the race. Photo: Karl Monaghan/onEdition

Rescue in progress
The official Clipper Round the World website is reporting that the rescue operation is continuing after four crew members aboard Geraldton Western Australia, one of the ten 68-foot yachts competing in the Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race, sustained injuries during storm force conditions in the Pacific Ocean approximately 400 miles off the California coast.

On Saturday, a large wave washed over the Geraldton Western Australia yacht, sweeping away its steering mounting and wheel, some of its communications equipment and injuring four crew members.

Earlier plans to parachute United States Coast Guard personnel onto the yacht from a C-130 plane, which had dropped additional medical supplies and specialist stretchers onto the yacht, were abandoned due to the weather conditions. The USCG also sent the cutter Bertholf, which is equipped with a helipad, to the scene.

The following was reported by CNN on Sunday night...

By early Sunday evening, a rescue swimmer was in the water near the boat. Eventually, two of the injured racers had been transferred to a small response boat which had been deployed by the Bertholf. The plan was to move them from that small boat, and eventually fly them by helicopter to San Francisco International Airport.

The remaining injured and shaken crew of the Geraldton Western Australia are expected to continue sailing the boat into California. 

Clipper Round the World official website

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