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Marine Product Review: Magma Boat Grill

This week's marine product review will help you get ready for Memorial Day weekend and the entire summer... 

Magma Catalina grill for boaters reviewed

A couple of days ago we shared ideas for boaters who want to throw a beach BBQ, and today we are continuing on the theme as we take a look at one of the essential elements of any BBQ. Best of all, with this item, you don’t even need to leave the boat!

In the latest installment of the Daily Boater Marine Product Review, Mark Sutton of reviews the Magma Catalina Gourmet Gas Grill.
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Now, on to the review...


The Magma Catalina gas grill is the mid-sized grill in Magma’s Gourmet Series of boat grills. It sits between the Newport Grill on the smaller end and the larger Monterey Grill. The Catalina is nearly twice the cooking size (with 315 sq. inches of cooking space) as the Newport grill (162 sq. inches) making the Catalina gas grill perfect for the boating family... plenty of room for burgers, steaks, fish and veggies.

A great feature of the Catalina grill is the fold away legs which makes it easy to take anywhere and start grilling quickly. It has a locking lid and a sturdy handle that runs the length of the grill. These features make it easy to bring to the beach or anywhere else you want to grill for a group. The Catalina is a rectangular grill that can be mounted on your rail, combing or in a rod holder. You'll need a mount of some sort to use this on your boat, the folding leg feature is only for terra firma! Mounts are sold separately and there are a wide variety of Magma grill mounts that are readily available from most marine outfitters (see below for a link to a mounting guide resource we found).

The Magma Catalina gas grill is made from 18-9 stainless steel with a great looking mirror finish and is high quality construction. You won’t mind this beauty hanging off the rail of your boat! It has a double lined body that makes it safer for the cook and keeps it looking nicer. The lid is well balanced and it has locking clasps that make the Catalina gas grill easy to transport or stow if you don’t keep it mounted.

The Catalina grill also has a piezo crystal ignition which makes firing up the grill as easy as pushing a button. Anyone who has tried lighting a boat grill with a match on a windy day will appreciate this. It uses disposable 1 lb propane canisters and can also adapt to on board LPG or CNG systems. We recommend sticking with the propane canisters as they are easy, portable and low cost. The Catalina comes with the standard Magma Products one year warranty.

We found the Magma Catalina gourmet gas grill to be one of the best boat grills we have reviewed in terms of quality, versatility, looks and ability to cook a ton of food quickly and easily. If you are planning on doing a lot of grilling on board and have a big crew to feed, we’d highly recommend considering the Magma Catalina Gourmet gas grill.

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