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Boat Galley: Five-Minute Appetizers

This week, the Boat Galley shares their top five recipes for quick snacks on the boat...

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Carolyn Shearlock
Carolyn Shearlock, author of The Boat Galley, appears weekly on the Daily Boater with tips for getting the most out of your boat's kitchen.

Maybe you went snorkeling with friends from another boat. Or possibly a hike. Or they just stopped by. Boating is a very sociable lifestyle, and you want to offer your friends something to eat. But you hadn't really planned the occasion and now you need something RIGHT NOW!

Today’s Topic: Five-Minute Appetizers...

No need to panic!
Aboard Que Tal, I taped a note card inside one of the galley cupboards with a list of "5-Minute Appetizers" that I tried to keep on hand. Then, when the need arose, I just glanced at the list, figured out what would work best, and quickly set it out.

Admittedly, most of these aren't really recipes but rather things that you might have on hand. And if your tastes are somewhat different, you can create your own list.

1. Sliced pieces of fruit (fresh or canned) and a dish of yogurt (slightly sweetened) to dip them in. Cut fruit into bite-sized bits and use toothpicks as skewers.

2. Plate with cheese, crackers, dried apricots and almonds (or whatever you have that's similar).

3. Olives - get black olives in cans and green olives in the little vacuum seal pouches if they’re available. Will last almost indefinitely!

4. A block of cream cheese covered in jam (peach, apricot or jalapeno are best). Serve with crackers. NOTE:  Cream cheese lasts almost indefinitely if you double wrap it in plastic before you put it in the refrigerator - leave the foil on and put the plastic over it.

5. Cut-up veggies - carrots and celery are the usual ones, but you can also cut a sweet pepper into strips or slice up a cucumber or zucchini. Don’t worry about any dip!

6. Slices of homemade bread or muffins (if you have any!)

And remember, it’s the friends and stories they’ll remember... not what they snacked on!

Carolyn Shearlock is author of The Boat Galley, with over 300 FREE articles to get the most out of your boat kitchen with galley tips, insights & equipment recommendations. A few recipes, too - plus an active Facebook community to ask questions and share tips with other readers!


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